Email your Electors

Dear Elector:

On December 19, 2016, you will meet with your fellow Electors to cast your vote for President and Vice President of the United States. The Founding Fathers established the Electoral College to safeguard our Republic from those unfit to lead. Donald Trump’s self-interested, erratic, and unpredictable behavior suggests that he is precisely that.

It is no secret that Trump has run what might be loosely termed an extraordinarily politically incorrect campaign: he has called Mexicans rapists and criminals; called for a ban on all Muslims entering the U.S.; and even insulted war heroes and veterans. What’s more: since his election, he has gone so far as to appoint a purported white nationalist as his chief strategist. But of far greater concern is the active threat his Presidency would pose to national security: he has been backed by terrorist organizations both at home and abroad, among them al-Qaeda and the Klu Klux Klan. What’s more, Trump has repeatedly expressed a willingness to use nuclear weapons against Europe and seems to have actively encouraged a renewed nuclear arms race.

Throughout his campaign, and in the days and weeks since his election, Trump has also played fast and loose with the notion of confidentiality. His lack of discretion provides ample cause for concern that Trump might manipulate his position of influence and power for his own gain, regardless of what the consequences may be for the country: research has borne out that Trump’s team was in steady contact with Russia throughout the course of his campaign—an alarming revelation in view of numerous reported accounts suggesting that Russia was likely actively interfering in the election for its own gain. And now that Trump has begun preparing to take office, he is seeking top security clearance for his children—after having previously tasked them to run the Trump Organization, whose business ties and debts spread across the globe.

Of most immediate concern: since winning the presidential election, it has become increasingly apparent that Trump is completely unprepared to assume the presidency. He has even asked to be able to commute to and from the White House (never mind that his residing only part-time at the White House would pose an enormous national security concern). On top of this, Trump has expressed recent opinions about the Electoral College that suggest he does not entirely understand the mechanics of his own win.

It is the duty of an elector to balance the will of the people with the best interests of the country. You have a chance to fulfill both mandates by casting your electoral vote for Secretary Clinton. As of this letter, Clinton is leading the popular vote by a margin of over 1.7 million; her lead is projected to swell to nearly 2 million by the time all votes are counted. Regardless of your personal politics, I am sure we can agree that Secretary Clinton has ample qualifications for the job. She has dedicated the past 30 years of her life to public service, in which time she has worked across party lines and with diverse communities throughout the United States. While Clinton may be a divisive figure, she has overwhelmingly won the goodwill of the voting public and has demonstrated that she can be trusted to act in the best interests of the country.

Your vote on December 19 may be the only thing standing between democracy and dictatorship. The only thing protecting America’s minority communities and national security. The only thing that will keep our country safe. I ask you to please consider the value of your Electoral College vote and use it to protect the American people.